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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baby Elephants and DUNG BEETLES!!

If you're like me, you often wake up in the middle of the night after dreaming about rolling around in the mud with baby elephants with dung beetles nearby. You may find yourself thinking, "That could never happen in real life..I"ll never get to see and play with tiny little baby elephants and see a dung beetle at the same time". Well my friends, in Nairobi, that dream can be your reality.

Introducing the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage.  I've blogged about it before because I go there whenever we have visitors in Nairobi - But there is no fulfillment threshold for baby elephants.You just want more and more and more! When my brother came to visit a couple of weeks ago, a stop at the elephant orphanage was on the agenda for the first day of activities. 
Me getting ready to pick them up at the airport - oh boy was I excited. And I had my little airport pick up sign ready to go! It says NEAT not TAEN.  It's a mirror people!
 On to the elephants!
awww...they're so cute. I love the littlest ones that have to wear a blanky

Most of the babies are little orphans because of horrible evil poachers that killed the moms

Oh this little guy was TINY

PHOTO SPOILER! I was about to take a nice couple shot of David and Ali and then some woman decided to walk right in front of me all incognito with her scarf on her head. It's like KONY 2012..i'm gonna make her infamous for spoiling this PHOTO!

Let's try that again. Such a lovely couple ;-)
  Another highlight of the elephant orphanage was when David spotted the DUNG BEETLE!! He was so busy rolling dung. He traveled like 40 feet in 15 minutes. 
Interesting enough - they sort of walk on their front legs and push the dung with their bag legs

These guys are pretty small - the dung ball was larger than he was! Dung Ball. lol.
After the elephants, we went to lunch at one of my favorite spots. Talisman Restaurant in Karen. I ordered WRONG.
I ordered fish...this may be the most unappetizing food photography EVER. I'm good at these. Somehow my fish had lips and teeth....it looks like a gross body part.  It tasted okay - But a little too much work for my taste. Lots of bones and skin and teeth and lips to dig through. It felt like a game of Operation to eat the thing! lol.

And a zoomed out unappetizing food photo of the fish

And top view of the fish. Under all the tomato stuff, the actual fish was pretty good.
 Do not let this be a testament to the entire menu at Talisman. They have really good food. The feta and coriander samosas could easily be a healthy substitute for heroin.

Okay, that's it for me. Next post I will do a thorough sarcastic but serious review of  the Insanity work out and anything else that comes to mind.


  1. honestly, that is the grossest thing i have ever seen.
    i can't believe you ate it. i feel like you were being punked.
    the teeth....oh my gosh the teeth

  2. I m glad I m reading about your Dung beetle pushing dung and your disgusting fish dinner while I m eating my lunch -ahhhhh so appitizing .. thank you for that - NOT!


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