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Monday, April 23, 2012

What's a matter Navin? feeling different again?

For those of you that have been around me for extended periods of time, you know that my favorite movie of all times is The Jerk - old movie with Steve Martin and a million other people.  And if you've seen the movie, then you understand the title of my post.

My brother was here for a week with his girlfriend and they left on Saturday and I'm saaaad and I feel all goofy.  They had the best time EVER - and I had an awesome time with them - and they bought more stuff than I have bought in my full 2 years! I hope they go home and talk so much about their trip that other people decide to come visit. This country is just amazing.  After my birthday party in Nairobi - David and Ali went on safari to Amboseli and saw a million elephants and some cheetahs, which is awesome. Then, they came back to Nairobi for one night and then we took off for the coast at like 5am the next day (Thursday). I basically laid around on the beach the entire 2.5 days.  They did scuba diving, which is way more stressful than what I'm about. (I tried scuba and it wasn't for me...something about claustrophobia.I wrote about my experience here). At the coast here, a fresh scuba learner can basically do pool work in the morning and then have a first dive in the afternoon - it's a crash course.

Here's a photo recap:
Nerd Alert! David and Ali being funny - But I did give them a hard time about using their neck pillows on a 45 minute flight to the beach. 

I took the shopaholics to the Acamba wood carving co-op when we arrived in Mombasa. Most people go to the gift shop where all the items are dusted off and displayed all nice - But two years ago, one of my taxi drivers told me about the manufacturers warehouse. Same stuff for sale except WAY more of it and it just needs a good dusting. Its like half the price. It's where people come to buy stuff to pedal.

No one better be smoking in this joint.

I was sweating my cajones off.  David and Ali bought a forest worth of stuff there. They bought 2 large duffel bags to get their stuff back to Nairobi! Love those two - They appreciate the hand crafted stuff and they did their part in supporting the local economy ;-)

We went to dinner one night at Forty Theives beach bar and grill

I showed them the Ali Barbours Cave Restaurant. I've never eaten there - it's a little on the fancy side for me and at the beach I'd rather be by the ocean not underground. But it is cool if you have never seen it.  This is a view of the bar from the street level entrance. It's a restaurant that is actually built in a natural cavern.

Here you can see the restaurant. That opening at the top is the street level.

I took them to Sails restaurant - The best ever.



David did a couple of dives and Ali spent the morning in the pool learning scuba with Pedro and then got to actually do a dive in the ocean! Here they are walking out for their dive.

We bought some kikoys and kangas

Ali found a way to continue her shopping on the beach. (just giving you a hard time Ali - I know I started it)
I bought this awesome kikoy with a towel attached. Never saw these before.

This was the only thing I bought at Akamba. I have way too many masks but this one was cheap and I liked it.
 Then we flew back to Nairobi and David and Ali caught their next flight to Dubai (and then onto Dallas) and I caught my taxi home ;-(. We had an awesome time. AND YOU COULD TOO! If you visited Kenya ;-)

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