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Friday, June 1, 2012

She's baaaaaack ....

Well I am definitely back in DC. I got a nice reminder this morning - I went outside to catch the bus to the metro for work (metro = DC subway/underground) and so as the first bus approached I sort of got on and asked the driver "does this go to the metro"..to which she just stared at me with a look on her face like she was about to fall asleep just thinking about my presence. So I asked again as I stood in the entry way of the bus with many annoyed commuters watching on, "DOES THIS BUS GO TO THE METRO?".  And again, blank stare...nothing, no response..no sign of life at all. So, I looked at her and said in a generic foriegn accent "NO talky today?"...thank god there was a man standing there in the bus that sort of laughed and was like "you good"..which I guess meant that it was indeed the bus to the metro.  Then the bus driver lady finally sort of grumbled "i'm not awake yet".  Hm. not awake yet. Bus driver not awake yet. Giant vehicle operator NOT AWAKE.  Okey dokey. 

Other reasons I know I'm back in DC:

The Lobby of my office before, complete with President Kibaki
giving you the googly eyes
The lobby now - marble minimalist

My amazing view before with greens and reds and sunshine
and little birdies and big birdies
The view from my office now - the concrete jungle

Office meal before

Office meal now - Bagel Friday (cannot complain)

And perhaps the piece de resistance (read that again with a french accent people!) ....The flavia coffee system in this office. 24 types of coffee and tea to chose from - made fresh by the cup in 15 seconds. This takes the edge off my repatriation depression by a smidge. It's not Java House..but it will do.
 So, yes, I'm back. I'm working on getting caught up with calls and visits - If you are in the DC area and want to be my friend...I"M RECRUITING ;-)



  1. Welcome back to the US. Your encounter with the bus driver cracked me up! Yep...you are home now. ;)

  2. Welcome back, and I hope that the transition goes smoothly. The WHOLE family (read: all 6 Lewises, plus my parents) will be in DC in July. I'm staying for more than a week for work (and to babysit Tim's adorable son). Can we see you????


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