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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ourselves - the tourist attraction

So today the Serg picked up Scott and I from work and we were headed out for lunch. We were driving around with the windows down just cruising down the road when I noticed a van full of chinese tourists two lanes over just staring and smiling and laughing at us - i think a few had their cameras out - as if we were something to see in Nairobi. They continued to drive along side us with their whole group stretching their necks to get a good look at us just smiling and laughing away. Some of them were dressed like hippies which is irrelevant but still an addition to the strangeness of the whole thing. So the point of this is to say that I no longer feel bad about staring and laughing at people because those chinese people staring at us made us laugh so hard and feel so special that it ended up being quite a positive contribution to the day. That's all for now.