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About me

I'm Lenna  and if you want to know about me...read the blog! I talk about myself a lot..or at least I talk about the good stuff and the interesting events. There's plenty of negative just like anyone else - but then this would be called a personal journal and it's not.  Other than that, I'm in my EARLY 30s, 5'6", brown hair, brown eyes, my weight fluctuates, and I'm married to a great guy named Sergio. We are currently living in Nairobi, Kenya - we moved here for my job.  We've been here about two years now and I LOVE IT. It's been awesome. I've tried so many new things, seen some amazing sights, met a ton of really cool, dynamic people, and learned a lot about Kenya, myself and what's important to me and what's not important to me. It's just so authentic here. Glorious.
Me and Sergio doing facial masks (is there a problem with that??)

One of our engagement photos

 Other Facts
I have an awesome family. I was blessed with great parents including a special mom, dad and step mom.  I have an older brother, Jason (Kansas City), and a younger brother and sister, David and Lauren (Texas). My brother Jason has three adorable children with his wife Jacque - Sophia (5), Julian (3), and Cristian (1) and I love them more than I ever knew possible.
me (holding my nephew Julian)  and my siblings - and niece, Sophia

David and Sophia

Jason and me
my beautiful tiny mom
Cristian - nephew

Early days of Lenna
I grew up in both my mom and dad's house in a suburb of Dallas, where my father and family still live.  I moved to a Kansas City suburb with my mom and brother when I was around 13 - where I met some of the best friends a person could have (Shannon, Holly, Liz). I stayed through my third year of college at the University of Kansas then moved (along with my mom) to Washington, DC for an internship program and ended up staying and finishing college in DC and living there and working for 11 years. DC is also another home for me since all my mothers family is there. I have awesome aunts and uncles and amazing cousins that are like sisters and brothers to me (Mikey, Deena, Nyla, Kera - I'm only listing the ones that I know are reading ;-). My mothers family is from Lebanon/Jordan and the culture is still pretty rich even though it's been over 40 years since they moved to the US.
Me and beautiful Shannon on her wedding day

My awesome friend Holly and I

M hilarious and lovely Cousin Kera - no pics of my other lady cousins on this computer ;-(

My amazing cousin Michael and nephew Cristian

Once it's time to leave Kenya, we'll move back to Washington, DC - It's going to be super painful to leave Nairobi - I think I'll be leaving my heart here for a while...but I'm happy going back to DC too -  I really love it there and my family is there. The city is awesome with such a great variety of people and cultures and it's a smallish city and still feels a bit intimate. It's just not Kenya and it can be a bit aggressive and impersonal - especially when you ride public transport in the morning. But I'll do my best to break that down as much as possible when I get back.

Things I like 
Mexican FOOD - can't get it in Nairobi ;-(
Bargain shopping at Marshalls and TJ Maxx (nothing like that in Nairobi...oh I missss it!!)
Reading..but only for short periods of time
Having a nice glass of wine with friends (not nice like expensive..nice like doesn't taste like vinegar)
Going running - short runs..the long ones hurt
Trying new restaurants with Sergio
Playing with my little nieces and nephews
Kalamata Olives
Driving on the right side of the road - not in Nairobi
Cooking new stuff
Watching stand-up comedy
Peanut Butter
Making people laugh
Chicken Tikka - Tandoori, not the masala stuff!
Fat babies and toddlers
Traveling to new places but not a ton of places at once - I'm not a backpacker.
Fresh Zaatar and Lebne  - I just fainted.
and one other thing that I just discovered...FISH BOWLS!: