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Monday, February 20, 2012

For My Mom, on her Birthday.

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On a day like today, it’s important to say,

how important my mom is in so many ways.

I wish I could be there and say face to face,

you deserve a Happy Birthday and state my case.

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I was blessed with a mom that’s unlike all others,   

She's dedicated her life to me and my brother. 

 She gives and she gives and then she gives more,
 to the ends of the earth she would go I am sure.


She’s funny, she’s smart, and so well informed – she can argue on Palestine or whether earth has warmed. 


   And man! have you seen her? your jaw would just drop,

she’s spunky and fit and makes the men want to stop.


 Me and momThe qualities that I love the most about her,

she’s unpredictable and extraordinary, for that there’s no cure. 


 She’ll bleach her hair with whitening toothpaste,

then drink 10 cups of green tea to slim her waist.


She cooks like a pro and mixes it up,

not once have I seen her use a measuring cup. 


She’s a dreamer, a poet, authentic to the core,

she’s been there and done that and is ready for more. 


If you don’t know her, you should, she’s genuine GOLD –

            her name is Joy for a reason, 

may the world be told.


Happy Birthday Mom.


  1. Thank you my sweetest heart.. . you know you brought be to tears.. I am sooo lucky to have you and Jason ...
    The big question for science..

    Is HOW on earth did thistiny piece of Gold produce two HOPE Diamonds! Only God knows!
    I love you and treasure you .

  2. Lenna, you are a real treasure!! the best daughter a mom can dream of...
    Stay like you are sweetie (with or without 10 pounds) you are just the right ONE!!!! May life give you the best. Love

    1. awww Thanks Lena! I hope you are doing well! miss you! come visit me in kenya!

    2. You make me salivate with your stories Lenna..... I wish I could come before you leave there!! I was in Thailand and I really liked it in Koh Samui. The Thais are so nice, so smiley, it's a joy to get along with such beautiful people!! I'll finish my life in Thailand!!!!!!!
      Miss you too honey, but with this blog, I can "get in touch" without bothering you... It's just the right thing for me!!
      And.... don't forget....... you should visit me one day with Sergio........ you promised!!
      Love and lots of kisses


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