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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Those "OH Sh!t" Moments

You know what is awesome? I mean, like just really amazing? It's when you wake up early for work, get all dressed, all ready - run out the door at 8:20, make the bus on time, then the metro shows up right when you arrive at the platform - you even get a seat on the train! Then, you get to like 2 stops away from your office - and realize that YOU FORGOT YOUR LAPTOP AT HOME!!
This is more or less what I felt like trying to be calm in that moment:

I like to think he's just saying "shuit, shuit, shuit" over and over - which I'm guessing is "shit, shit, shit" in English
 So then, you get off the train, cross over to catch the one going BACK, which takes 11 minutes to arrive, then you get to the bus stop to catch the bus BACK home - oh! but it doesn't come for another 20 minutes! so, you decided, TO HELL WITH IT! I"M WALKING THE DAMN 1.5 MILES. So you walk the damn 1.5 miles, fast since it's drizzling, you get all sweaty in your work clothes and finally get home 1 hour and 15 after you left that  morning having contributed $5 to the transit authority and 1:15 hours of time to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  Good times over all. Here's how I felt ....by 9:30 IN THE MORNING yesterday:

In other news - So, I was at this Bussboys and Poets coffee joint the other night working on some stuff - when something in their little global fair trade shop area caught my eye. It's MY HAT FROM NAIROBI!!!!

THAT SAYS $59.95.  THAT IS USD PEOPLE, not pesos.
AND It truley is my hat from Nairobi - as you can see in my photo below - it's the exact hat, it even has the little bow thing you just cannot see it - and I just turned the brim down but it normaly goes up like the one in the photo above - MY HAT WAS PURCHASED FOR $6 in a market - They are selling it for $60 here!

Unless they actually bought that hat a seat on a commercial airplane to bring it here, I'm just not sure why the mark-up would be 80%! I mean, I get it if you need to sell the hat for $35 or so..MAYBE even $40. But $60. WOW.

Anyways, the moral of the story here is - take a trip to Kenya! Not only will you have the time of your life, but you'll also be able to buy African things for 10% of the cost you'll pay here ;-)

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