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Monday, November 14, 2011

YAY - Soup's my favorite!

Sergio is working in London this week and so I'm all laid back with myself here and decided to make some soup that will last me all week so I don't have to cook...Plus I overindulged a bit this weekend and I feel like I need to detox and take myself off solid foods for a while.

Oh wait - I need to digress - funny true story about soup that I want to tell - So, I was at this picnic thing with a bunch of random people after we did white water rafting one day.  There were a few Americans in the mix that I had not met before and I usually love meeting fellow Americans. It's fun to talk about stuff you have in common, etc.  But one girl especially was one of those chicks - we all know her, she was the kind that talks without articulating the last consonant of words and makes all sentences sound like questions (I bought a sandwich yesterdayyyyyyy???? and then I ate iiit???), You know, the kind that says the unenthusiastic "YAY" as a response to everything  from birthday cake being served to Kadafi being killed.  Yes, it was that girl.  I'm sure she has many redeeming qualities but that new way of talking all sweet and fuzzy like everything is made of marshmellows makes me nuts!
Anyways, so this place was serving soup, and this chick and I had a super awkward moment that I will never forget. I went up to get my soup as she was coming back from getting hers...and as we passed each other, there was a moment where we didn't know what to say in passing..and so she took care of it for us by saying..in that sweet cutesy voice: "mmm, soup's my favorite".  WTH?! Who says that?!  WHO SAYS SOUP IS THEIR FAVORITE?? Favorite is a superlative - favorite means favorite. It would make sense if she was saying a certain type of soup is her favorite..but no, she was saying that soup is her favorite thing PERIOD. And it wasn't even soup..it was BROTH! But I didn't leave it there - I had to awkwardly respond with something so I instinctively sort of smiled all excited and fake and said, "yep, love soup!" - WTH?!!! Somehow she found a way to drag me into her happy little soup world! Sounds like a conversation that two 80 year old women could be having easily.  But they have a reason that soup is their favorite..they don't have teeth! at least there is a reason for the soup enthusiasm.....is it just me?!

Anyways, back to my soup.  I made MY FAVORITE SOUP ;-) - Chicken Tortilla Soup.  Mine didn't have tortillas but I cannot call it Chicken soup because that's not what it was. It was like Mexican chicken soup..how bout that?
I just ate it and honestly I have to give my full compliments to the chef....good stuff.
1 can of crushed tomatos
1 can of white beans
3 cloves of garlic
1 onion chopped
olive oil
1 can of corn
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp oregano
3 limes
1 can of chicken stock
bunch of cilantro
2 cups of water
taco seasoning
2 cooked chicken breasts chopped (I coated mine in the taco seasoning and baked them in the oven)

Saute the onions and garlic together in a big pot with a bit of olive oil. Then add the chicken stock, tomatoes, lime juice, oregano, chili powder, water - Let it boil and then simmer for 10 minutes. Then add the corn, white beans, chopped chicken and cilantro and bring to a boil again and then let simmer for another 10-15 minutes.VOILA! You got soup!
Monday - Friday baby!

I added a bit of sour cream and some mozz cheese to my bowl and served it up!
You like those dishes huh? Those are still alive from the college days - I figured I'd bring my crappy stuff to Kenya and leave it here. But the truth is I'm attached to them and will still probably bring them back with me

And, I feel that it's my social responsibility to not just talk about the good, but to also discuss topics that are sad or uncomfortable on here. So, I should tell you that while I was cooking up my soup, I was also broiling some chicken marinaded in some weird thai sauce - Well I ended up getting on the phone and forgetting all about the thai chicken under the broiler until I saw thick smoke rising out of the oven (which is not so rare in my house). And I'm only showing you this as a public service message.  This is your public service message:  DO NOT LEAVE SH!T UNDER THE BROILER TOO LONG!  
They're like little burnt end chicken nuggets.  Not edible..believe me I tried.

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