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Monday, November 7, 2011

Gettin paid

Not much time to blog but I wanted to drop a line so that I can achieve my goals of being consistent with my blog. 

I'm working in Uganda for just a quick few days - This specific trip is sort of a business development trip and  these trips are basically wall to wall meetings from 8am to 8pm with various ministry of health folks and malaria program people that we've been harassing to give us a few minutes of their time. When I'm not in meetings with outsiders I'm strategerizing (ala George Bush) with my own little team (3 of us here). So it's loooong days and I don't feel particularly creative ..at least no great blog material is flowing right now. In fact, here is how I'm really feeling:
bottoms up - afterall it's cheap wine
Oh you want to hear more about this day that never ended??? The trip actually started last night at 10pm when my co-worker and friend, Scott and I got dropped off by my favorite byu and husband Sergio at the airport.  Scott got bumped off the flight since he hadn't checked in online - which is incredibly common. And apparently the same thing happened to my boss - so I was the only one that made the flight - what can I say? I have my sh!t together!
I had previously confirmed like 2 times with the Serena hotel in Kampala that someone would indeed be at the airport to pick me up..but of course, just like my last trip here, my name wasn't on the airport shuttle board. So I fought it out with the shuttle driver and he took me to the  hotel - 45 minutes away. I got in around 1:30am, got my room and sure enough, despite my special request not to be in a room above the front entrance, that's exactly where I was! I try to avoid staying in rooms above front entrances of hotels - since popular hotels where international travelers stay in major African cities are prime targets for terrorism - and I figure the front entrance has high odds of being affected if anything goes down - so anyways by the time I requested a new room and moved, it was around 2:30am and I finally went to sleep - 5 good hours later I woke up to start my day of meetings.

And as a last note - one thing I don't like is having breakfast meetings or breakfast with my boss early in the morning (and yes, I have one tomorrow). Seriously - just let me have some coffee and have breakfast in peace - I'm just not ready yet to chat it up and I really don't need you to watch me gorge on the breakfast buffet because I do like to get my money's worth and it's not always pretty.

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