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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My 15 minutes of international fame

I walked into my office on Monday after the race and found this post it on my chair:
I were on Kenyan TV!
So, I went to seek out who this mysterious note was from and why I was on tv on Saturday ..since the race was on Sunday.  I found the masked post-it note leaver - my co-worker Jennifer. She said she meant Sunday and that she was watching Kenyan Television Network and they were airing the marathon and she saw me cross the finish line in all my glory. I forced her to describe what I was wearing because often times Kenyans think that us wazungu look all the same. But she was spot on. It was me!!!! At first  I was a bit annoyed that the camera man didn't get me at the starting line since I'm sure I looked a TON better than at the finish line...even as ugly as I looked at the starting line that statement still holds true.
And I kept replaying my finish line crossing in my head hoping that I hadn't been too dramatic about it.  But for the life of me, I could not remember what I did when I crossed the line! Like, what if I threw my hands up in exaltation and then fell to the ground and sobbed...or what if I went around hugging all the random people standing around there and telling them what great support they had been...I'll never know...but Jennifer, she knows. She knows...

The truth is, this is not the first time I have experienced celebrity status in a foreign country.  Let me beckon back a few years to my time in Guatemala when I walked into my gym one day, got on the treadmill and was interrupted by one of the trainers telling me that I was in an advertisement in Tennis Guatemala magazine. I ran down to the lobby to see what the fuss was about thinking that I just misunderstood his spanish.  The receptionist was sitting there with the magazine spread out and was circling my sweat marks and giggling...I WAS FRONT AND CENTER. I ripped the magazine out of her hands and told her to stop circling my parts. After I went through a period of mortification (word? yes/no?) I decided I sort of liked being famous in Guatemala and I embrace my celebrity.  I worried that I would be bombarded with paparazzi when I left the gym..but the only person out there was the guy wanting money for washing my car...I figured it would take time for the word to get out.  Apparently it takes a VERY long time - it's been 5 years and the paparazzi still hasn't found me!  Here's my spread:
Apparently this piece is also called "Circle Lenna's sweat marks"

I can arrange autographed version of the above photo. Please send who you want the autograph made to and your address...and $10 for the international postage ;-) This is serious. I'm not kidding.

;-))))))) XOXO


  1. hahahaha i love this. YOU WAS ON TV! I am so proud of you for running a half marathon, AGAIN. you are by far the most fit Neat. I downloaded a "train for a half marathon app" about 6 months ago...it is still on day one. anyway, i'll be reading your blog more now, i was still checking the rainbow connection blog, but i guess you have a new one now :) Miss you sista!


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