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Monday, March 26, 2012

Sergio's Arrival

Sergio arrived last night! Great to have him here - feels like he never left.
When we got back to our apartment from the airport, I gave the guards a big welcome banner to tape up on the entrance gate for him so that he would see it right as we pulled up -It's so dark where we live - the photo didn't work.
Which was fine because the next day as we were leaving to go somewhere, the day guard and the complex caretaker were holding it up as a surprise for Sergio :-)
Love these two - Wilson and Ndishu. Great guys.The smiliest people ever. When I leave Kenya, these are the things I will miss the most - friendly smiles and happy greetings every time you turn around.

One thing about Sergio is that he cannot delay gift giving. As soon as he sees you, he is so excited about his gift that he just goes nuts and cannot wait any longer.  So last night, as soon as he walked in the door, he wanted to give me all the treats he brought. Some of you will remember the post on Junk in Your Trunk - He brought lots of goodies just like I mentioned in that post.  One was an early birthday present:
An awesome hat! He just sort of randomly bought me this cool huge hat - he is so weird and funny sometimes! Perfect for the beach that we are headed to tomorrow - I noticed that It sort of looks like I'm making that ok sign with my hand that you are supposed to look at and then I hit you for looking....if you are in jr' high still. That was not my intent. If you dont know what i'm talking about right now, you are better off.
Then, he pulled out a few other treats for me!
He brought me my favorite food item ever - Lebne - I opened it immediately. If there is anyone out there that has never tried it -  The flavor is like sour thick yogurt. Order it at most middle eastern restaurants. You won't be sorry. It's best when you have it on bread with some olive oil. mmm. I've made my own here a couple of times, but this Byblos brand has extra crack in it..it's the best.

He brought me like 6 loaves of wheat arabic bread

AND 4 Mcdonalds Cheeseburgers which I immediately wrapped in plastic wrap and threw in the freezer.

He also brought me some grape leaves for making some stuffed grape leaves - my friends here have been asking for a home cooked lebanese dinner so now I'm really to roll.
We're heading to the beach tomorrow morning - same place as always. Gonna be good.

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