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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Photo Update - Mwikali Going to School

Yesterday Rebecca gave me the photos from her trip to Kitui to take Mwikali to school.  She also asked her to write a short little composition about how exicted she was about returning to school. The whole thing was quite a few pages long but I thought I would scan the last page for all of you to see - especially to those of you that contributed to getting her there and everyone that had wanted to contribute but didn't get to because we raised enough so quickly. It's a really sweet message. She is really really excited about being in school. It's such a neat thing to see. I hope you can read it; it's pretty touching.

 Here are the photos of the journey:
Mwikali at Rebecca's before she left Nairobi

Getting ready to head for the bus to her village

A day later, Rebecca left with all the stuff her and I bought for Mwikali. She paid a few shillings to someone to help carry things to the bus

Strapping all the stuff to the top of the bus
Upon arrival in the area - Rebecca rode on the back of a motorbike with alllll this stuff to get to the village

Mwikali's mother

Mwikali and her mother


Her home where she comes from

Rebecca said she was most excited about her new shoes for school.

Here's her trunk of stuff for school. Those are my red sauconies but I heard she isn't allowed to take them with her ;-( I'm hoping her mom doesn't sell them - I wanted her to have them. we shall see.

Mwikali in her new school uniform and Rebecca

Mwikali's little sister sitting in her trunk

Ready to roll
Arrival in front of the school

Carrying her things with her mom

Signing in

Proper secondary school student ready to get started!

Rebecca saying goodbye!
 And that was it! She is now studying hard and all paid up for half the year. We'll pay the rest of her tuition when Rebecca goes back to visit in about 6 weeks.

She is one happy happy girl.

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  1. That is so wonderful. Rebecca did a great job documenting everything. It will be amazing for Mwikali to look back on all the photos in a few years from now. It is very humbling to see it here from afar. Nice work Lenna.


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