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Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Pot Luck Post

This post is going to be all over the place  - I first want to show you what traffic in Nairobi can look like:
 It's not the best photo but I was trying to be inconspicuous because there was a cop standing nearby and cell phones while in the driver seat can get you in big trouble. Anyways, what you see here is an intersection (roundabout) with cars jammed all together headed every single direction imaginable..and NO ONE MOVING. Everyone just packs in so tight that it ends up just screwing the entire flow of traffic and then you just sit there with all these cars so close together you couldn't slip a piece of paper between them (see car in front of me and the truck it's basically hitting)..and it's the ultimate gridlock. I swear I had to do a 34 point turn just to get through a crack of space to finally break away. Love it. This is why a 5 minute drive home ends up taking 1.5 hours in Nairobi. There are no rules - no lights, no stop signs, no lanes..no rules. Free for all. But I am a demon out there and hold my own nicely. It helps that I have a big truck that scares the small cars..Or I would never be able to cross a road EVER here.

Okay, now that my traffic rant is over - I'll move on to my next random thought, which is Paleo Banana Bread that rocked my face off. It was the best ever AND flour free, with hardly any fat and no sugar (well there was syrup in there).
Another award winning food photography shot by Lenna. Premium aluminum foil baby!
The Recipe is courtesy of Elana's Pantry.
Basically, you use almond flour instead of baking flour, and you use some coconut oil instead of regular oil ( but i used some yogurt, some coconut oil), and then i used real maple syrup (thanks Mikey) instead of the honey that the recipe calls for. And I threw in a couple of splenda packets and some crushed walnuts...SO good. It's gluten free and low fat.  Almond flour is cheap here and is easy to find, which is a little strange but great - so I've been using it a lot.

Next topic - My work out today.
I woke up at 5 to the sound of a car alarm going off - and couldn't fall back asleep. So, I called Sergio since it was around 9pm for him and it's a treat for him for us to talk at his night time (and a treat for me as well of course).  After we talked, I got up, made some coffee and decided to go to the gym. I did a really tough work out on the Total Arc machine (kind of like an elliptical) - the effort ranges from 0-100% resistance. Basically I did the following:
0-3 min - 40% medium incline
4-5 - 70% (quick pace)
5-6 - 60% (quick pace)
6-7 - 50% (quick pace)
7-8 - 40% (medium pace)
8-9 - 35% (slow pace)
Repeat like 8 times.
Then I did a 500m challenge on the row machine. I'm trying to get a time of 2:15 or better - it's tough.

Okay, that's if for today. I'm something good for you coming tomorrow!!

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