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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Nairobi Easter with GOOD FRIENDS!

Happy Easter!
 It's been a good one here in Nairobi, although I miss my family on days like this - especially my byu (he went back to the US on Wednesday night).  Despite that, I spent the day - actually the whole weekend - with a GREAT group of people that I do love dearly.   My good friend Candice that used to live here flew in from South Africa to hang out this weekend so it's been a slumber party weekend with her and our lady crew and lots of fun dinners and bonding time.

People from home have asked me how Easter is celebrated here - Kenyans get good Friday off and also the Monday after Easter. So most people seem to travel "up country" to their family homes. The actual Easter celebration seems to be mostly about going to church and getting together with family for a meal. They do not color Easter eggs though the big malls have an easter bunny that you can take a picture with.  There are advertisements everywhere for Easter discounts on stuff..ranging from clothing to Johnnie walkers. So, it's somewhat commercialized here but there aren't jelly beans and cadbury eggs or anything like that....at least not yet.
My mom sent some easter candy with Sergio so I got my fair share of Peeps and an easter egg coloring kit.  I gave the kit to Rebecca to take to her kids since I figured they would get a lot more enjoyment out of that than me hiding easter eggs from myself!  Then yesterday I went for a long run and a group of little boys playing in the street started running along side me and wouldn't leave. They were adorable..using all the English they had to ask me questions and tell me about themselves. I felt bad running since a couple of them weren't wearing shoes so we did a walk run...they wouldn't leave me! so they came all the way back to my apartment with me and I gave them my easter candy - better on their hips than mine!
Little Watoto with easter peeps and twizzlers. They were happy campers..then had to make their way like 5 miles back to wherever they came from ;-)
Oh and speaking of candy, Candice brought me the largest Ferrero Rocher EVER.We took a meat tenderizer hammer thing to it was quickly devoured:

Saturday night we we all went to one of the BEST restaurants in Nairobi - Seven Seafood and Grill. Awesome seafood, awesome steaks..and it's just an cool ambiance.  We sat at the lounge first and ordered a fish bowl, which was new to me.  A giant bowl of all sorts of alcohol and juice that you all drink together - it was okay. Tasted like a Mai Tai.  Most of the photos are just of the ladies but Scott and Ash and Tom were there too - it was a great group.
Me and Beautiful EMMA

Fish Bowlin'

My Nairobi Girls

After dinner we all went to the bar next door for drinks - then we all (girls) crashed at my place.

On Easter, Candice and I went to church and then met the larger group for brunch at Talisman Restaurant. The place is a beautiful garden restaurant in Karen.
They have the most amazing feta and coriander samosas. Our table ordered 20 of them just to start - I could eat 20 myself.
Ash, Scott, Tom, Rose, Candice, Emma

...and Lenna

Now, we're watching a movie and glued to our respective internet gadgets at the same time - me on my laptop, Candice on her IPAD and Rose on her Macbook.  Good times.

Enjoy your Easter and God bless you and your families!

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