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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pinterest Kenya Style

Hellos dear friends -  Yes, I said Hellos, not hello. It's one of my favorite Swahenglish things that you hear people saying in Kenya. In swahili there is a plural and singular hello..so a lot of Kenyans just apply that same concept to English and they throw out the "hellos!" or "Hi's" if there is more than one of you(s).  Makes me giggle.

Today, I want to show yous things I LOVE from little shops and markets around Nairobi. It's my version of pinterest if you will - given that I am hiding from that website because I'm sure it will make me even more covetous than I already am and waste more of my precious time on this planet looking at things that don't matter much.

And please - If yous have the time, could yous leave me comments about the items that yous love the most??

colorful clutch purses

printed belts

Yoga Mat bag!

Baskets Galore


recycled glass beaded necklaces. Love these.

retro Afrique

Wanted it..didn't buy it

Like a lot

my shoes match the spoons!


these are mine and I love them

What do we think about these horn earrings?


Masai love - would you wear these colorful beaded earrings?

Beaded spoons in a banana leaf box

Serving thingy dingies

paper bead necklaces with flair

African patchwork bags

awww.iddy biddy elephant backpack

awesome quilts

Do you guys like these cross body bags?
Don't forget to leave your comments!!! I like to know what other people think about this stuff for gifts and things. and I promise I wont say YOUS in the next post ;-)


  1. First, you are doing a good thing staying away for Pinterest. It's a little confusing and certainly a time suck.
    So I'll be your first commenter here. I guess it's time to start hoarding things into your suitcase if you'll only be there a little longer. I love just about all of it. I'm not a jewelry person, so I can't speak to that, except that it's small and easy to travel with. But I do wish that I could have all the fabric stuff there. I have a thing for fabric.
    As for the wooden spoons in the banana leaf basket. It makes me want to go make some banana puddin'. That's a good thing. Love those. Great conversation piece, beautiful, story, cant be overlooked. That handbag with the funky b/w design. Awesome. Could go on. Get it all!

    1. Thanks Holly - There are some amazing fabrics here - loads of colors and prints. I wish I was more creative with my ideas of what to do with it all.

  2. Ok starting from the bottom up. I ll take one necklace with chain and zebra design , one (no two) round white big earings, one throw with cheta, one bamboo pillow cover, one bananaleaf box, maybe beaded spoons, one (no two) round white big earings,and the brownrounds with gold roundon them earings. pastlel necklaces, bead and gold circle necklace,
    definetly one "like a lot" necklace. Yes to the niarobi dress (brings back memories -both your dad and I had shirts like that same colors too , in college)! Retro dress, LOve Love Love the safari print (tiger, ?? ) purse ... love it. love the baskets, the long big chain necklace and the beeded. ... pretty much everything.


So..what do you have to say about all this?