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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kenyan Pinterest Part 2

More stuff I LOVE that I either wish I could buy or I already posses - Just for for kicks and tickles.  Also, I'm getting all sentimental about leaving soonish and I'm really really really going to miss the creativity here and the uniqueness of things and the hand made quality. At home anything handmade is out of control expensive. I've really enjoyed being somewhere where people take time and make things with their hands and it's accessible for purchase. Okay some stuff was still out of my reach but I'm obsessed with the styles of Africa in general..All of it. East, West, South. I love it.

These purses and bags are made out of old Dhow Sails in Lamu! How cool is that? They are $$$ though so I will adore from afar.

More dhow sail bags

These are paintings done on old sails. LOVE IT! "I want the sun to shine bright and the rainbow to colour the sky and my heart to soar".  Beautiful.

Their showroom. I didn't go there - just a pic from their website. Alilamu.com. He makes all this stuff out of old sails.

My Ethiopian table from scott. LOVE.

My birthday purse from Byu - Bacuba style.

I loved this paining I saw in a gallery here. So cool. The neck beads just stuck out so bright. I wanted it.
Like Kenya meets Van Gogh

This bar table and these chairs were amazing in person. So hand crafted and solid..but unfinished.

I love these recycled bead bracelets. Love the colors

My favorite painting - bought this baby at a giant market in Angola. It kept looking at me - It chose me.

I love my framed bacubas but I think I want to put some white matting behind it. The glass effect didn't turn out how I thought it would.

My mom bought me this painting from Jordan. Then we used a frame we had made here in Kenya and made it fit.

Another painting I bought in Jordan and had framed here. I got two of them. I love the colors. If you couldn't tell, I like bright colorful things.

My first artistic purchase in Kenya. I bought it right from the artist. She had some amazing stuff.

Love this rug scott brought us from Ethiopia

And this Amazing carpet my friend Elizabeth got us from Afghanistan. LOVE IT. She is the sweetest person you could meet...regardless of the rug. But the rug is awesome...AND I just noticed the photo book she made from her time in Afghanistan is on the table. That thing is amazing. Everyone that sees it asks me who made it.

Love this ethiopian art Scott brought us.

And Serg doesn't like the face on this mirror, but I LOVE IT. So cool and everything is so hand crafted. You have to appreciate that.

And our long horn from uganda! We have two that sort of pushed it over to the tacky side..but I'll just display them one at a time. They are also good for getting things down from high places!
I LOVE my rice bag purse/bag Sergio got me for Xmas. So cool.

And our Nairobi sign we had painted on the side of the road for like $5. It's one of my faves.

I bought some cool glass art from Senegal. This is my West African Queen.

And lastly, my very very very favorite thing from Kenya - Our wooden bench. The guy that makes these is so humble and works like in the woods with no workshop. Sort of incredible. He's so talented.
Hope you enjoyed! I sure did.


  1. Where did you find the painting on the sail? I love it!

  2. I know it's awesome! there is a shop in Lamu called AliLamu..well the artist's name is Ali. I've never been though - it's a photo from his website. YOu can only buy in Lamu in person though so it's a bit tricky AND they are not cheap.


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