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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bob Harper yay - Kale Chips Nay

I just finished watching season 1 of New Girl - It's superb.  It makes me laugh out loud. If you haven't seen it - you should.

Next topic -  So before Sergio arrived I was doing really well with working out and eating healthy, but then I sort of got off my kick and the schedule was all nuts and so I lost my weight loss mojo. I was down a few for a while there! But I'm back on the horse now! Since my gym membership ran out I bought like 15 work out dvds and my plan is to do a mix of work out dvds, running, and bodyrock.com throughout the week to try to lose some LBs.

So far, I've done the Bob Harper Ultimate Cardio and the Jillian Michaels Shed and Shred.
The Bob Harper Ultimate Cardio will have you doubled over in pain and misery. I sort of crushed it though - It is awesome. And I feel like I am pretty tough in general so when I say it's hard,  I promise you will vomit and feel like you've been punched in the gut if you try this video.
This was pretty much how I looked after Bob Harper had his way with me

The Jillian Michaels Shed and Shred has 2 30 minute workouts - the first one is level 1 and it sucks. It's like doing a Jane Fonda callestetics work out. I was so annoyed the whole time - and her voice always yapping doesn't help.
Then there's Level 2 - Level 2 will make you burn. It's decent. I would do it again. It's a mix of movements with weights and plyometric body weight exercises.

Then, since I'm also trying to get on track with my healthy eating - I made a couple of new things in the kitchen that I've been reading about in some healthy people blogs.

The first was Kale Chips.
Kale is in ABUNDANCE here. They shred it and boil it with onions..sort of like spinach.
But these Kale Chips were supposed to taste like you're eating potato chips.  Eh - I mean, they were okay, I over salted mine. Would I rather have a stack of Pringles? Yes.  Do I like that it's a new way to slip more veggies into my diet without feeling like i'm eating veggies? yes also. Here's how it went:
Kale in all its glory. It's a strong leaf with really giant thick veins.
I used my scissors to chop the leaf off the stem

I chopped them into large pieces and then tossed them with olive oil and seasoning salt

baked them till they were crispy..
this is what resulted. I think i over salted them but they were okay. I guess if you are a huge potato chip person and you are trying to stay off them, this is an okay alternative.  Kind of tastes like a maple leaf with salt. mmm

Then I also made Sweet Potato Fries. There is so much stuff on the internet right now about sweet potatoes and how they are this great healthy food that can satisfy your carb craving without being destructive to your progress. Here the sweet potatoes are really mild - It's not as easy find those deep colored yams - but i've seen them around. Actually sweet potatoes are really popular in the local diet here, so the big light colored ones are easy to find.

I just chopped them up - threw on some olive oil and salt and baked them till they were soft. These I highly recommend. I dump ketchup on them and it works for me.
These were goooood. I'll be doing this more often.
Okay  - that's it for today. Tomorrow is another day and another work out DVD. I'll holler at ya!

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