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Thursday, April 26, 2012

DVD reviews for yous

So, I was supposed to be doing my work out DVD review each day but things got away from me when I went to the beach - but I'm back. Yesterday I did the work out of the day on Body Rock.tv and the Jackie Warner personal training DVD. 
  • Body Rock, per their usual, kicks my arse. That 15 minutes is like a train wreck. 5 out of 5. Even if the instructor lady just got a boob job and new lips and hair regardless of how she tells us everyday on those videos to love yourself and work hard for your results.  She is now dating the camera man/guy who started the site  - he used to be married to the old body rock video girl who also had fake boobs so maybe it's a thing for him.  Why do I know so much about this workout website? I've been an avid follower for a solid 2.5 years and was there during the drama/divorce. It was tough on me. There was like 4 days without new workouts during the transition!!!
    New Hair, Lips, Boobs, But She is still awesome. I feel a closeness. We have so many physical characteristics in common too - we both have a bellybutton and a couple of kneecaps.
  • I also have to give the Jackie Warner DVD 4 out of 5 stars.  If you use heavy enough weights, it will kick your rump. I like that it's just weights - so there is no bouncing around and all the rest of the nonsense.  Her voice doesn't make me want to choke myself off and when she says you are "half way through", you really are.  It's really quick too - each body part gets like 5 minutes of attention and then you move on. Certain of your parts will be aching in the morning and other parts won't feel a thing. I think she could have been harder on the legs portion -she kills it on the arms and abs. 
  So, you're telling me that all I've been missing this whole time are a few "tips" from Jackie Warner? That's whats been keeping me from a hollywood body? Probably something as small as, "thumbs out when holding your hand weights".  It would have solved all my weight issues! FOILED AGAIN!       

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  1. Lenna.... is that you ? i mean your face on that body ? It's amazing how it looks like you!!!
    Keep on doing your exercises lady.. it's good for the psychic part of the body much more than the physic part!!
    Lots of kisses sweetie. Love


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