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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Floods and comfort food

So lately, we’ve had a little bit of rain in Nairobi:

 A parking lot turned river

This one literally had a serious current and wave action.

This one had me worried some but I saw some of those smaller cars making it through so I forged ahead.

It's a good thing there is such a strong drainage system or we would have some serious flooding. (yes, sarcasm)

My street was a literal river  - the entire thing was filled with about 1.5 ft of water - the whole way. Those people walking were getting housed by all the water both on the street and splashes from the cars.

It's a damn good thing that I drive a monster truck. A few smaller cars got stuck ahead on this road..a.k.a the road to my apartments!
And next time you are losing your patience while you are sitting your car in mega traffic due to bad weather..Think about all these guys that get transported from their work site crammed in the back of this giant truck with a piece of plastic to keep you from getting fully soaked…thinking of that will help you relax. It works for me.

And now I have a treat for you -
I will now share my delicious, simple, and healthy chicken enchiladas (I used turkey breast) with you – because I love you and you deserve something so tasty.
I make these things like at least once a month and it will feed you all week. For big families, you might as well make 2 pans at once.
Chicken or turkey breast – for just one pan of enchiladas you could use like 3 split chicken breasts – that’s if you like a lot of chicken in yours – otherwise use 2.
Green and red peppers (I don’t know..maybe 1 of each)
Onions (1)
Corn tortillas (you can use flour too..go ahead get nuts on this one)
Sour cream
Taco seasoning
Store bought enchilada sauce (red or green, whatever you like)
Prepare your chicken or turkey breast by coating them with taco seasoning

Chop up your veggies and sauté them with a tiny bit of olive oil and taco seasoning

Cook your chicken – I used to have a foreman grill before I sold it and that worked great for cooking up the chicken. Now I use the broiler. Cook it till it’s just done. Then chop it up!

Then get out a baking pan, or use the same one from the chicky like me,  and begin making your enchiladas. In each tortilla put some chicken, veggies, salsa, tiny bit of cheese and if you want, a tiny bit of sour cream. Roll it up and place it tightly in the pan, then continue with the rest of them.

Lastly, pour store bought enchilada sauce – any kind you like – all over the enchiladas.  Sprinkle the top with a bit of cheese – just a little if you want this low fat. Then pop it in the oven till it all gets hot and everything cooks together a bit. Maybe like 10-15 min. Then ENJOY! Mmmmmm.
Hmm..this looks good but it just seems to be missing something....

Ah there we go! All better now - How to make home cooking taste more like crappy fast food - cover it in mild sauce! so delish.

Side note: I have decided that Old El Paso Red enchilada sauce is the same thing as taco bell mild sauce. Amazing. And for some crazy reason they stock it in Nairobi! Also Amazing.

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