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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My visit to Springs of Hope Children's Home

Okay, back to last Saturday because I really wanted to tell you guys about Springs of Hope Children's Home.

This amazing place is home to 37 orphaned and/or vulnerable children that have no other alternative place to live. There are countless childrens homes/orphanages in Kenya, but I have NEVER seen one that is as nice and well run as this one.  Molly Mitchel Bail, fellow American,  is a missionary and Director of SOHK. She has built this children's home into something that is so inspiring and filled with LOVE. Immediately upon visiting, the joy is almost tangible. The kids were running around playing, some were taking karate lessons, and some were sitting in the grass giggling with each other. What I love about visiting this place is that the kids are completely unphased by muzungu - In many homes, having a visitor means the kids have to line up and do a little introduction thing and like recite things. I hate that. And when you are a whitey - they will flock to you or stare or they get scared. Not at SOHK. Here they could care less if you are visiting - they are too busy doing their thing and I'm pretty sure Molly has let them know that when people come through, they should just keep right on playing and they don't need to stand at attention or anything unnecessary like that. It's just so natural and really feels like a HOME.
Here's some photos:
The drive out there - it's just breathtaking. Really the colors are just vibrant. Greens and blues and Red tile roofs. I will miss these views.

View from Springs of Hope - looking over Nakuru

The house! It's amazing - like a million times better than any children's home I've seen here.
Karate Classes! The instructor is on the Kenyan national team! How cool is that?

The kids were adorable

The dining hall and living room - it looks like a safari lodge. Growing up away from any family sucks, but if you are lucky enough to get placed here, you will get love, 5 meals a day, a beautiful house and good TLC.

Very nice bathrooms - one side for girls and one for boys

And this is little Mike -he's the youngest one there - probably 2, they aren't quite sure. I followed the story about his mom around 3 months ago  - she passed away from complications of HIV - she was pretty young - maybe 15.  There was a big search for any remaining family and they found no one. He is the cutest little thing ever - and it's a sad sad thing, especially how they found him just there next to his mother sort of wasting away in her little mud room - but the fact that he is at SOHK is blessing. He's thriving there. Everyone looks after him - He's the baby. And the good news is he is HIV negative, which is just huge.

Meal Time at SOHK

They have their own PARK! Finding a park anywhere is impossible but these kids have their own park! And  i've heard that kids from that area get to come over and play since a park is a pretty awesome luxury. SOHK also does feeding programs for kids in the area that need assistance.

View from the parking lot of the park.
What I love about this place is that Molly and the staff are more than just feeding and clothing these kids. They are offering them a well rounded childhood - with love, activities, stimulation, nice surroundings they can take pride in, and they are offering them dignity and respect as children. I love it. If you want to help, your contribution is much needed.  Molly is constantly trying to raise funds since sending all these kids to school, feeding them, getting many of them needed medical treatment, and providing activities costs a ton of money. SOHK also does a ton of community outreach in Nakuru for other children that need assistance. If you are looking for a great place to support - THIS IS IT. You can visit too - they like visitors. Here's more info: http://springsofhopekenya.org/


  1. It looks so beautiful and clean.. she must be an amazing woman!!! You should nominate her for CNN heros

  2. Lenna,

    This is an accurate description of Molly Bails ministry at Springs of Hope, so well written and a joy to read how you describe our most cherished partner in Kenya. Thanks for being her friend.

    Al Barrett
    Threads of Hope
    Missionary Ventures International


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