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Friday, October 14, 2011

Oh, you're still here?!

I thought for sure that my last post was going to scare everyone away - I got some pretty serious reactions to that one. Maybe I've been here too long - I thought it was gross but not THAT gross ;-)

A few updates -
Running Update - Um, I'm doing okay. I have been keeping up with race training program. I did 7 miles and some sprints yesterday before work. Cardio-vascular-ly, I'm doing well. BUT, my toes are a MESS and my left ankle is pisssssed off. Each toe has blisters and chaffing, which makes running really uncomfortable. One issue is that my tennis shoes are like a year old and I've run all the tread off of them - remember I'm trail running out here -  AND I think my cheap socks are no good for longer distance running. But buying good shoes here is like double the cost of home so I'm just going to deal with it. I don't know what to do with the ankle. Its really painful to walk on it..but when i run it's okay....makes a lot of sense, right? The ankle thing has been on again off again for like 5 years..i should get it looked at. Fine, i will.

Weight Loss Update - It is an UPdate because the scale is moving UP.  Makes me so happy. There's no doubt that running is making me hungry - and I've been eating at restaurants a lot lately with friends and visitors and it's killing my primal blueprint plan. I'm not kidding, last night, I ate some mashed potatoes, pizza, AND lasagna...SERIOUSLY? That's almost every type of white flour carb you can find! WTH?! What's wrong with me? My self control is out the window and I'm pissed. Which leads me to the next update.....

Weekend Plan Update - I have to be in a swimsuit tomorrow! (PUKE) We're headed to the beach for Sergio's birthday - Sergio, me and Scott. We're staying at this swahili style house on the beach called Blue Marlin - it is also a restaurant - it's around 30 bucks a night. Rough huh? Anyways, I really had it in my head to lose some weight before the trip.  I just kept thinking..wow, with all this running, I'm gonna be thinner than Ashley Simpson for the beach trip- it's gonna be scarey. People are gonna think I have anorexia and then I'm going to have to explain that I don't and it's just all my running and my fabulous genes that just make it impossible to gain weight..etc. But, that's not gonna happen anymore - which saves me having to explain myself but sucks for the people around the coast because once I step into the ocean, their neighborhoods will be flooded and that's no good for their livelihoods.  Enough. It is what it is. 

Sorry for no photos - I'm at work people! Lower your expectations a bit! Okay fine, you want a photo...HERE!
It's my little monkey friend that comes into our apartment garden and takes the bird food for the injured bird that lives in the bushes! He's a naughty monkey - he tries to climb in people's windows.


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