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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MAR -HABA, Airport? A tribute to my brother

What's big, hairy, sometimes grumpy with a side of A-hole, and has a ridiculously funny sense of humor? No, not the incredible hulk at happy hour - It's MY BROTHER JASON! I pretty much think the world of the guy (when I'm not hatin' on him for being a capital D-bag).  In his spare time, Jason enjoys eating foreign goodies such as Pop Cek's and Kit Kit Tats. (you wont get it but he will).

The best part about Jason is that he'll usually follow any retarded order you give him in the name of comedy. Like this story for example - There were were, walking around some endless castle left in ruins from roman times in the middle of Jordan - running on our 3rd day of going "ruining" and I was a little slap happy by then - trying to find the fun out of visiting yet another huge rock old structure where things used to happen.  I told Jason to get up on a broken column and do some posing like an ancient Greek statue - and of course he did:
The first photo is the statue as it was in its original form - head in tact:
 And here's the headless Greek statue of Jason:

Anyways, so we rented a car and did our own driving through Jordan.  Jason did most of the driving since the car was registered in his name.  There was 4 of us and 4 giant suitcases plus some carry on luggage jammed in a small 4 door sedan - tensions were high much of the time.  One thing that kept me laughing while Jason was driving was his approach to passing through security check points.  Given that the only Arabic word he knows is Marhaba...he treated it like it was the password at the check points, sometimes it would be followed by a random English word as well.  So, we would always pull up slowly and Jason would crank the window down and put his face out and say "MaR-HA-BAAH, we go?"  with this weird foreign accent -  which would leave me laughing my ass off in the back seat. Or my personal favorite - on the road to the airport, there were like 4 checkpoints - at each one we approached, he'd just say the same two words in the same accent with a very friendly tone in his voice - "Marhabah, Airport?" and then we'd pass and he'd do it again and the next one.  So funny and awkward! I'm probably the only one that thinks this is hysterical...but that's nothing new!
Love my brother.

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  1. its helerious- has he seen it??? you better blank out the D head part before the does. Just sayin....


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