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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Going Tribal

No, this is not a blog about doing neck stretching exercises, walking on hot coals,  or fitting saucers through my lip and earlobes.  It's about Nairobi shopping!
It is a RARE occasion that I buy myself something here in Nairobi that isn't from the local craft market, made from cheap wire and beads, and costs less than $5.  And it's not because there are no nice shops in Nairobi - There are quite a few extremely talented Kenyan designers that made some really cool stuff. One such designer is Adele Dejak (that's the link to her blog/shop).  She owns an accessory store that I am a little obsessed with in Nairobi. There are 3 locations and I have stalked all three of them for over a year and a half now without buying ANYTHING. Being the bargain hunter and cheap ass that I am, spending $30 - $40 on non-fine jewelry or $50 on a purse is something that is physically challenging for me...obviously or I would have bought something by now.  I think the fact that we use mostly cash here makes it hard too - there is something a bit easier about paying with plastic.   But something snapped this past weekend. AND I BOUGHT THIS NECKLACE AND EARRINGS!:
The necklace so cool - it's leather and brass and just sort of wraps around your neck and hangs.

Yes, it says Joy right in the  middle
Hadn't quite gotten around to showering and make-uping yet that day..sorry. I'm just trying to show you the earrings here. They are awesome brass flowers hanging from a brass hoop...Lenna+flower earrings = LOVE

 Here are some other awesome pieces that I want to slowly acquire....I'm thinking one thing a month. Price range is like $15 - $40 for earrings/necklaces - $80 - $300 for the purses and nicer stuff. Needless to say..i'm sticking with the cheaper end..though I swear I'm getting a cool purse before I leave Kenya!

Love the chunky chain bracelets and neclaces. That cuff makes me crazy.

I come and stalk these purses every weekend. They make them out of various materials - mostly they are leather, kuba, kitanga, wax dyed printed materials, they also use old recycled industrial plastic bags, recycled burlap rice bags, and other cool materials to make really amazing bags. These range up to $300!!! The cow hide ones are AMAZING and HUGE.

LOVE this printed clutch with the leather tassels -

Me likey

Here are some other photos of her amazing purses from her Facebook page
Recycled burlap rice bag

Kitenge cloth and leather

HUGE cow hide bag - Is this a PITA foul? Do I care?

Animal Feed Recycled Plastic and Leather - But I think I'll pass on this since I don't really need to wear anything with a cow on it and the word FEED.

This is a different shop called Banana Box but I LOVE LOVE LOVE these Bakuba cloth and leather purses. They are sooo expensive because the woven material Bakuba is handmade and is imported from Congo. These purses are like close to $200..ugh.

I'll keep you updated on my monthly purchases. Cool stuff.  I sort of forget whether I can get similar stuff back at home for half the price. I'm sure I'll walk into Forever21 during my next trip home and find cheap versions of all this stuff.

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  1. I LOVE that necklace! Definitely a must purchase!!


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