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Monday, October 10, 2011

Whoomp...Hair it is!

I am a procrastinator. I get a lot of interesting things done when I'm procrastinating so it's not always a bad thing.  Trying on virtual hair styles and haircuts was one of those things I accomplished one day while stalling on other pressing matters.  I've been really bored with my do and not down with my brown (hair) lately.  Most of you know that I used to highlight the hell out of my hair and for a while now I've just been doing the natural thing to get my hair in good shape again and I think it's time for a change. By the way, the virtual hair party is a lot of fun - you just upload a photo on this website- Pick a photo that shows your face really well and then pick various famous people hair to try on - then you just adjust it to make it look right with your photo.  So here are some options and maybe I'll get some comments from you guys on what is good and what is bad (color and style wise).
I wonder if you can pick out my favorite - and uh, least favorite. Oh and get ready to get sick of seeing my big face - there's a lot of me here:
Kardashian cousin IT - dark brown with some light brown low lights

the curtains don't match -  lightish brownish amberish

"the naughty" blondish ash

late 90's revisited - brown with blond high lights

car wash hair - care-free with red highlights

the soccer mom bounce

The dark Aniston

TheTri-Delt Bob

The truth is, whatever I end up doing, it's not going to look anything like these photos since I spend upwards of 4 whole minutes blow-drying the front of my mop every morning. And quite frankly the people of Kenya are okay with that - so I think the best decision making criteria for me is "must look good wet and pulled back".  Tell that to your hairdresser!!

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